Thursday, July 13, 2017

Triple Three Okinawa Food Fest Buffet!

Went to have Triple three's buffet a few days back and they were also having their Okinawa food fest promotion! Was an amazing feast and as usual i felt so uncomfortable full after the buffet xD 
Here are the pictures!

Super amazing wagyu beef.

Fatty tuna sushi!


Their aglio olio was soo good, better than any other pastas i've had outside. I don't know how they can just briefly cook this for a few minutes and it beats actual pasta restaurants. 

The beef was so good we asked the chef to cook 5-6 pieces at one go hahaha.

I think okinawa is famous for their purple potato because there's purple potato everything. Tempura, dessert, salad topping, bread, etc. 

It was really enjoyable, but i was so full, i swear to not have buffet anymore for the next year hahaha.

Andddd on a super happy note, my japan trip for this year is booked!!! And partially-planned! 
It will be on september, and this time we'll be going for 16 days! I'm super duper excited.
Japan is where i will spend my savings on and i will go there as much as i can and visit as many places as i can, while i can! I don't even really wanna go anywhere else. I definitely don't have enough leave to take this year and i probably have to take about 11 days non-paid hahaha...
But oh wells!~~

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