Friday, July 14, 2017

Things that annoy me

I am annoyed by a number of things BUT...

The one thing that i get annoyed by the MOST, is when people act cute.


It's so annoying, especially when the person is not of age (if you're of a full-grown adult, please just stop) and keeps trying to act cute/ act like a baby/kid in front of others. I also realize not a lot of people will entertain these behaviours (e.g., me) maybe because it's a behaviour that not a lot of ppl like too? But if there's one person who does entertain the person's act-cute-behaviours, that person will get very drawn to the person who entertains them.

Sometimes i ask God why let me be annoyed by such things. Because it's happening around me, it does affect my mood and i do feel quite agitated by it, why put such feelings into me. It's really super unpleasant my goodness... Sometimes i pray that when it's happening, please just not let me witness it. Then at least i'm not aware... you know...

I just don't understand why people behave like that.

It's so disgusting.

I'm not even talking about those who act-cute out of humour, like these people are genuinely funny.
I'm also not talking about people who talk cutesy with little kids or animals, etc.
I'm also not talking about people who are ACTUALLY cute. Like their genuine personality is naturally the cute type and they're NOT acting.

I'm talking about those that deliberately ACT cute on a daily basis. And you can tell that they EXAGGERRATE and CHANGE the way they talk/ laugh/ make comments/ behave, they suddenly become kid-ish or sometimes even baby-ish. Like it's seriously obvious and utterly disgusting...
If no one entertains them they will stop, but man, if someone does, oh my sweet world.... i don't even wanna imagine

like can you not

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